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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Moving Day

Again, we are not moving, the construction guys are moving something.  I thought it was transformers they brought in that other time.  No, THESE are transformers, two of them.

This time they did not tell us to leave the building.  I guess they didn't lift the transformers over our heads/room like the last time.

  At there it goes!

And now, on the other side of the building, it's coming down, being guided into place.

That was all the excitement there was at work.

At home, another day of the power pole not being replaced.  I'm getting tired of unplugging nearly everything before I leave each morning.

I was all enthused about entering my radio log book into a spreadsheet, until I started to do it.  Too much work!

I went out to the garage to get that log book, found that mice had been in the drawer with all my folders of papers and stuff.  I don't think anything super important was lost.  The log book was not in there, anyway, and the QSL cards are in a metal box.  The drawer of un-built model kits looks unmolested, too.

Well, yet another year has passed, it's been two years now.  I'm still breathing, so I guess I CAN feed myself, more or less.  The basics are getting done around here (again, more or less), but not a whole lot of ADVANCING is going on.  And it's very quiet.

That's all for now!

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