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Saturday, March 14, 2015

It Is Pi Day!

Yes, once again it is Pi Day.  I woke up at three this morning and checked the phone, there was a new cache published, a Pi cache!  But it had been found yesterday!  I guess it came out last night.  When I eventually left the house (at six or so) I went there first, and I was second to find it.  In the dark.  A little scary!

Next I drove up to Tierrasanta and found the Pi puzzle cache I've been saving for today.  It was easy to spot, but it had a LOT of spider webs on it! And the sun wasn't quite up yet.

I headed over to a cache about a mile away.  I had met the cache owners quite some time ago at an event in Mission Bay, in August 2013 to be precise, where they told me about the cache and invited me to find it.  And I finally did!

After that I went over to that other puzzle, the one I've looked and looked for, and yet again I can't spot it.  But I did see some eggs in the hummingbird nest!

After giving up I drove over to El Cajon Blvd. to reconnoiter the area of the Pi Day event, which was to be held at the Chicken Pie Shop.   I had over an hour to go, so I parked down the street near some caches I hadn't found it.  A short way from where I parked I saw this di·lap·i·dat·ed bicycle in front of a bar.  Needs some tires!

Continueing up the Blvd. I came across the Lafayette hotel.  It looks pretty good, they have obviously spent some money fixing it up.  My dad had an office there many many years ago.

I found the two caches, and they were almost the last caches I need to finish off El Cajon Blvd.  There might be one in El Cajon, I dinna canna remember.

I still had some time so I drove over Balboa Park after almost hitting some idiot while I was backing out, said idiot apparently thinks people can see through giant trucks so he speeds right along.  The fellow patiently waiting for my spot gave me a comisterating look.

I haven't found that rotten (joke!!  I keed, I keed!) Balboa Park cache before, and I didn't find it again.  Oh well!

It was finally time for the event so I headed on in.  There were about fifty or sixty people there for the event.  At the appropriate time (3/14/15 9:26:53) we did a countdown and let out a cheer.  The other customers were not amused, and we were asked to quiet down. 

Others have posted pictures on the cache page.

 I met a nice lady visiting for Sweden who told me about the new puzzle cache she had just placed in OB.  An EASY puzzle, she said.  Well, I looked at it and I have abosolutely NO idea. 

And what do I get for all this work?  A couple of badges on my souvenir page.

I just noticed the weather is 93 here, which I verified on my home thermometer which says 88.
The humidity is very low, 16 percent.  Which may be why I didn't notice the warmth.  So much for winter!

I can't think of anything else to stick in here, so I will sign off for now!

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