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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is It Friday Yet?

This morning, upon arising, I contemplated the TP roll and wondered if someone is playing tricks on me or, more likely, am I just losing it, placing the roll backwards like that.

If you don't know, I think the law allowing motorcycles to split lanes is almost the stupidest driving law, at least that I can think.  It is now just an excuse for rude rides to get  in front of everyone else.  In the ten years I rode I do not recall ever splitting lanes with another car, nor ever seeing anyone else do it.  This mornings rant is brought on by that fellow up there, who swerved through slowing traffic to get to the front, or middle, actually, of the lines/lanes.  Between him and that TP roll, I'm in a mood!

You WILL see this rant again!

I left work early, right after second lunch, to get my brown-crown installed at the dentist.

I thought they wuz gonna REPLACE the pole, not put another one next to it!

I took this picture through the side window after leaving the dentist and heading to Kearny Mesa for a doctor appointment.  I did some geocaching while I was there, before the appointment, and found six or seven caches, I forget.  At the appointment the doctor said I seemed ok, but he will want another CT-Scan in July, probably.  Next week I get to visit the other oncologist.  What fun!


GSAK is a utility program to help manage geocaching data.  It is very powerful.  I only use a tiny bit of what it can do.  Much time and effort is spent on the GSAK FB page explaining how to do stuff.  And that is where I ran across this graphic.

I guess that is all I have today.  Thanks for reading!

WAIT!!!  PAINT CHIPS!!! I forgot about the PAINT CHIPS!  IN MY OATMEAL!!!  I cooked my oatmeal in the office microwave, as usual, then went back to the library to eat it.  There was white flat stuff in it.  Looked like paint chips.  Mrs. P. said it was just oatmeal box  flakes.  I ate some oatmeal. There were more flakes.  I threw out the oatmeal, then went to the office to check out the microwave.  The inside roof of the microwave  was peeling its paint off, and the chips were falling in our food!  Yikes! 

Now, THAT is all for today!

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