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Monday, March 23, 2015

Several Days Of Stuff

This one is from the 19th, I think.  A cache I was looking for but didn't find.  I checked nearly EVERYWHERE, even up inside this metal box.  I'm sure glad I didn't stick my fingers up there! Selfie mode on the phone camera for the win!

One of the inspectors at work said the guys did a great job, except for one thing.  The transformer pad was two feet short.

Spray paint markings on ground, I'm guessing, showing where the extension will go.

I KNEW there was a rose bush in the back yard, but I didn't notice it had a bud, then all of a sudden a GIANT flower!  Wow!

So excited I took three pics!

Which side is its good side?

A picture of the front-yard poppies in daylight was requested, here are TWO!

A closer view.

Geocaching down towards Chula Vista Sunday, I spotted a baby rat.

Today I was looking for a geocache, I just couldn't spot it ANYWHERE, I was SO frustrated I could cry!!

OK, OK, I'll go away now.  Thanks for reading!

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