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Monday, March 02, 2015


On the way to work I saw this majestic antenna.

It looks like a Mr. Coily Punisher.  It's a CB antenna... Apparently rated for 25 THOUSAND watts.  Goodness!  And here I've worked the Soviet Union on a Viking Ranger II running 75 watts (more or less) on CW.  And Japan with 25 watts on SSB.  With an indoor dipole.  Made with zip cord. Ha ha, I just messing with yah, good buddy!

At work it was announced by my one and only patron that there was a rainbow, so we (the two of us) trooped outside to see it, and me to take a picture of it.  Both ends.  Ain't that nice?

I came home to find the same old telephone pole in the front yard.  Maybe they DID mean March 3rd?


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