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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday Not So Rainy...Yet!

Storm damage!

One of those palm fronds fell down upon the birdbath and knocked one of the gnomes to the ground!  Fortunately, the gnome was not damaged.  The rim of the birdbath, which is thick plastic, was fractured.

I went to the Mission Dam again today to get a geocache for the first day of March, and to check on the water at the dam.  Found the cache OK, and took a bunch of pictures.

Some kind of ducks today.

Water over the dam.

You need an overhead shot mapping the photo locations, don't yah?

I walked across this yesterday, now it is a duck pond.

More of the duck pond.  The water was quite a bit lower yesterday, and I could walk across the rocks that are under water.

There, that provides a context for the other pics.

Looking back across the "duck pond", which the ducks are not in yet.

Looking down at the steel bridge from the trail/bike path above.

The rapids!

Rapids redux!

Yes, a couple of guys are out with their RC cars today!

A duck crossing over to the duck pond.

And he's over!

Not the same duck, but it's the same duck pond.

Under the steel bridge.


No, it's not the same picture.  It's ALMOST the same picture.

It was rainy and wet and cool when I started out.  By the time I headed back it was warm enough that people were in the shirt sleeves, and I was pretty warm in my Columbia jacket with liner.

And now as I'm finishing up here, several hours later, it looks like the clouds are moving back in for more rain.

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Deanne said...

I should have taken pictures of our storm damage. I didn't notice at first till I heard Henry barking! I had just came home from lunch. The patio table's umbrella, closest to our sliding glass door, was blown from it's stand and came out from the table and was laying open on its side. Luckily it didn't hit any of the kitchen windows. The crazy one was the umbrella for our little round wrought iron table---was in a tree! It was blown out from the table---the table was completely knocked over. The umbrella was wedged into the tree. That would have been a good pic but I was worried about the wind blowing it out of the tree.

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