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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thursday After Work

It was so sunny when I went to work, then the fog came in and it was even a little drizzly for a few minutes.  After a couple of hours the fog went away, and it was sunny the rest of the day.

I went to a doctor appointment in the afternoon. Turned out he was the same doctor that did my prostate biopsy. I thought his name sounded familiar! And now I know what a cystoscopy is, and, more importantly, how it feels. And now I'm afraid to go to the bathroom. 'Cause, you know...  Anyway, the doctor said it looked good in there, he says the incidents I had in December-ish are probably related to the radiation treatments I got five or so years ago.  Learn something every day!

I bought some books for the library at Barnes & Noble, just to fool the mall security into thinking that's where I had been, instead of at the medical building.  Ha ha!

The first poppy flower of the season has appeared in our front yard near the hose bib. I haven't seen it open yet, as the sun is going down when I get home. 

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Deanne said...

Crazy weather. You just never know what it's gonna be like throughout the day. Glad to hear that your cystoscopy went well. Hope you were able to pee. I forgot that I planted tulip bulbs last year (a plant I received around Easter, I believe) and low and behold---a red tulip popped up! Nice surprise. Looking forward to seeing the poppy!

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