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Sunday, March 02, 2014


I spent a goodly part of the afternoon putting up the new traverse rod for the living room curtains.  I kept pulling the cord out of where it belongs, and once had to take the whole thing back down again.  It's not a fabulous traverse rod, but it is better than the last one, which now resides in the garbage can. Neatly folded.

I thought the rain was over, but it rained again today, for a while, which I guess is a shower.

I got the tailless cat pictures onto a web page.  I was gonna post the link here, but the whole site seems to down at the moment.  Check back later.

Plus washing the clothes, that is about all I did today!

Check back later to see if the link is posted!

EDIT:  Link to tailless cat picture page.  Images are mostly not captioned at this time. Make note of the link back to the Table Of Contents so you can check out the rest of the junk on the site, if you dare!

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