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Sunday, March 09, 2014


I just thought I would sneak down to false bay and see if I could knock off some of those pesky degrees for the 360 Degree Challenge geocache.

I woke up at five this morning,New Time, and spent an hour figuring seven caches that I need the degrees for, and that were relatively close together and, most importantly perhaps, easy to find!

The first cache was in a palm tree hollow at a parking lot at the edge of Mission Bay.
The second cache was along the old bike path that snakes around the tennis courts.
The third cache was in the middle of the alternate main drag to Pacific Beach. On the sign.  Probably only thirty or fifty cars saw me molesting the sign on this sunny Sunday morning!
The fourth cache was at a nature kiosk near Crown Point.
The fifth was NOT at a nearby nature kiosk, as I thought, but instead down in the bushes, and actually buried in sand from the recent rains.
The six was said to be easy to find in palm tree, but I didn't find it.
And the seventh was in Kate Sessions Park. I made that one more difficult than it was.

I also found three more at Kate Sessions, and DNFed one.

I was looking at another website with pictures and that guy put the picture captions under the image. I'm gonna try that today.

A speed boat in Mission Bay. Several were zooming around, some throwing up quite a rooster tail.

The same boat passing in front of  West Ski Island.  Lucked out getting him right in the middle!

The Inner Crown Point pile of sand and whatnot, possibly the site of the great Crown Point Disaster of 1969, I believe it was.  If so, it is quite possible the Phil's MG-TD keys are still out there. Somewhere.

Why is the handlebar stem on that bike pointing the wrong way?  'Cause, the wheel is flopped backwards, so the stem should be pointing backwards too! That must make for weird steering.

These flower, on a tree, should come before the bicycle picture. I saw them at Crown Point Park.

 From high on the hill north of the "green" area of Kate Sessions Park there is a splendid view of the Mission Bay area. There is one of the Coronado Islands, in Mexico, peaking around the corner of Pt. Loma.

And a little to the left we can see all the way to the blowing sand of Imperial Beach, and beyond to Mexico.

That lizard was posed nicely on top of the rock, but he moved before I could get the camera out.

Panorama taken from way up there in Kate Sessions Park.  One would have thought I would have sense enough to take this from on the OTHER side of that big bush!

OK, that is all from the geocaching adventure at Mission Bay.  When I got home I saw there were TWO poppies, and they were open, so...PICTURE TIME!

One poppy good.

Two poppies better!

I COULD post a picture of the car parked on the apartment building lawn, but I'm better than that.

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Love poppies!

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