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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thursday

So the song The Lows Spark Of High-Heeled Boys, by Traffic, has been the ear worm of the week.  I heard it on KRNN (Juneau, Alaska) Saturday night.  It sounded rather familiar, so I looked it up and found that Stevie Winwood was in Traffic. Camellia just love that Winwood guy, while I did not care particularly, but I do like this song a lot.

You can click the thumbnail to see the more better image. Which not preloaded. Because of people who have slower internet than I do.

A Concours d'Elegance at the old homestead. No, I didn't cover up the front license plate. It didn't have one.  Maybe it is from another state, I didn't bother to look. There are enough scofflaws are there to make a sweeping generalization.

I don't remember what kind of flower this is.  I got it at work last year.  After wintering (Ha!) it is now putting out flowers again.

I forget where these lilies came from. I think it was from the memorial. I forget a lot of stuff. It is very depressing. This one seems to be flowering, too!

The last pepper, it is very small, but I think it is ready to pick.

I knocked over and out another troll today while cleaning the birdbath.  More gluing to do!

A geocache popped up this evening near BevMore, I worked up the courage to pop over there myself to get first Did Not Find.  I bought three bottles of beer, too, which is only fair since I stepped on their plants a bit.

What else...I went to Staples today and bought yet another date stamp for work. I got groceries, including Hostess Fruit Pies, in two flavours, to share out for Pi Day tomorrow.

That truly is it for the day!

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Deanne said...

Do you cook the pepper or just eat it whole?

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