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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inside And Out

On Sunday I and visiting Phil went down to the sea to see the salt.  Phil had never seen the salt before, and he knows salt, having been on and in the GSL.

Here is Phil's rental. I thought it was very cute, so I took a picture.  It does not compare, of course, to the MG he had, back in the day, of which no pictures seem to exist.

Here we see the result of many years of salt on steel rain. And so much for narrative sequence.

And this nearby part was even worse.

More rusty rail.

A big pile of salt.

Phil heading down the tracks to take picture of salt. Between the set of rails on the left, the "ties" you see are really something "oozing" up from the actual wood ties which are under a layer of dirt and salt. Maybe creosote?

I do not know where that black square came from. This space for rent?

A panorama of South Bay Salt Works.

We drove up a bit to a spot I've been before for a closer look at the salt.  Footprints and shopping cart in the salt show that people are ignoring the Protected Habitat (as I remember them) signs.

Across the bay you can see the Navy Radio Receiving Facility Wullenweber AN/FRD-10 antenna. I told Phil that there were only two of these antennas in the world, but I was wrong. Well, not completely wrong. There are quite a number of these interesting antennas.  The one at Imperial Beach was built in 1964. They are planning on demolishing it soon.

Yesterday I went, in quite a panic, to the Urgent Care because stuff was coming out of places I didn't care to see said stuff coming out of.  My arms beat the best efforts of the first person to try to place an IV in, but the second person got it done.  Then, after waiting for quite a long time for lab results, they found that the blood had coagulated before it got to the lab. Why, I know not.  So they had to take more blood.  Unfortunately they had removed the thing in my arm that would have allowed that easily. So he (the first person from the time before) decided to go in the left arm.  And that went OK.

A warm blanket and dim lights let me nap a bit during the long wait, which was very nice.

So the upshot is that I am not dying.  I have to do another invasive examination, but the doc thought it was an unremarkable thing that caused my panic.  Although, with my luck, who knows that they will come up with!

Today went OK.

I had a report that one of my geocaches was not found, so I went to make sure it was there.  It was.

No, not the cup, you goose!

It was cloudy today. It was also about nine AM, maybe not the optimum power-producing time.

That is about all I got. How did YOUR day go?

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