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Friday, February 28, 2014

Weather Or Not

I went down to the Padre Dam area for a geocache yesterday.  It hadn't rained too much yet.  Here are a couple of pics I took:

(File size is 718KB)

Or rather, the one image that turned out ok.  Sadly, the picture of the ducks was just too blurry.

Hey, remember you can click the image to see the surely fine quality larger image. The larger image file size is listed under the pics. Some of them are kinda big...

Today there was QUITE a bit more rain.  And wind. So I went back to the dam after work to see if the water was any higher.

I scared off the ducks when I approached, sadly.

 (File size is 74KB)

There are sometimes more than one image of a scene.  You decide which is right.

 (File size is 393KB)

Sometimes the fingers get in the way.

(File size is 17KB)

Doesn't look like much, but there is definitely more water than yesterday. And it noisier, too.

(File size is 75KB)

(File size is 249KB)

The area on the left of the part I'm walking on did not have nearly that much water in it yesterday!

(File size is 93KB)

Yessiree Bob, there is a lot more action going on there today!

(File size is 313KB)

Should really be something to see if the water gets higher.

 (File size is 553KB)

Showing how the rive flows along the dam for a bit before it heads off to the left, south-ish.

 (File size is 570KB)

Bubble bubble.

(File size is 93KB)

The dam from the west-ish side. Yes, that is where I was standing to take the previous pics.

(File size is 138KB)

One of these had the flash.  I think this one did not.

(File size is 84KB)

Most of these were taken with the iPhone, a couple were take with the Fuji Finepix, I think the last two.

The rain really started coming down on the way home.  I am sure glad I wasn't on the freeway today!  At work I noticed every time I walked over to the office I could hear sirens in the distance.  Goodness!

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