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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday -- Veteran's Day

Dragged myself out a morass of despair and, yes, ennui, to go geocaching this afternoon down by the Sweetwater River area of Nat. City/Bonita  Picked up seven caches and saw an airship.

Here are a couple of pictures of the airship and the projection building (I think) of the old Harbor Drive In theater.

Yes, it seems to be getting dim.  But it wasn't THIS dim!  I didn't have to turn on the vehicle headlights for another hour and a half!

Probably looks dark because I was facing the west, where the sun is.

I believe this is the last drive in I ever went to.  I believe this is where we saw the incredibly awful movie titled "The Omen".  I think we took our daughter along in her GMC Infant Love Seat.  I'm sure she was scared for life.

As far as Veteran's Day, while not ashamed of my service I am not particularly proud of it, either.  It just was.  I wasn't in any combat zones.  I probably couldn't have loaded an M-16 if I HAD to, we only went to the firing range once a year.  I would have been better off using my 30.06 from home! HA!  Anyway, save the free donuts and coffee and such for the people who truly made a sacrifice.  And often times their families, too!

Only the other hand, I'm gonna order me one of these!

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