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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Vacation -- Day One

I went geocaching in the early AM.  I parked down by the Amigo Spot/Waffle Spot and walked up the hill.  I found the first cache, eventually, then I walked up the hill some more and found the second cache, eventually.  The second cache completed my personal goal for 2014 of an AVERAGE of two caches found per day.

I walked by down the hill, but decided to see if I could locate the stairs I had seen on Google Maps.  I did find them, too!  I didn't have the nerve to go up and see where they go, though.  There was some litter at the base of the stairs, including a very cute little box that said "Joe" on it, containing several Jr. Ranger badges from various National Parks, and some patches.  I wonder what the story is with those?

How short are those handrail posts?

Driving over to Fashion Valley I got behind this smokey truck. He only smoked when starting off, but it was VERY smokey and very smelly.  I can't remember what it smelled like, now, but it was very pungent.  At this point I had been behind him for maybe a mile, and I was letting him get ahead of me a bit so I didn't have to smell his stink.

But at the stop light I was kinda stuck.  And off he goes, while I'm turning right.

After parking at Fashion Valley and walking a bit more to find a cache, I found a group of cyclists on a ride in front of me.

And then I went home, for to share this all with YOU!

And wash the clothes.

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Anonymous said...

DAD, you can report those vehicles, see this page:

There is also a place to report if someone throws trash from their car. You can look that up if you want.

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