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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I drove down to Chula Vista, taking all the back roads, to a geocaching meetup.

EDIT: I forgot to stick this in yesterday, and it was the initial reason I started to write the post!  I was driving along the road to the 94/125 in a 35 zone when I was passed by a Corvette quite quickly.  "Leadfoot", I said to myself.   I caught Mr. Speedy at the light, of course.  I peered at his vehicle 'cause it didn't say Corvette on the back, but there was an emblem that started with an "F".  Huh.  Couldn't thing of what that could be.  Too many letters for Ford.  It did say "Karma" also, and that is almost like "karmann", so I figured it was some kind of Teutonic creation, maybe an Audi?  I can't keep up with all these new-fangled car brands!  So I Googled it later and found out it was a Fisker Karma electric hybrid and there were only around 1,600 sold in the U.S.  Also, they cost around a hundred thousand dollars.  So I probably won't be seeing another, or at least a different one, any time soon.  END OF EDIT

Had coffee and a Breakfast Jack, I mean, Egg McMuffin, and listened to some great stories.  There was a big annual camp out the other weekend in the desert, and two of the guys present today had gone on an eight hour hike to find one cache that hadn't been found in four years, AND they were numbers three, four, and five to find it.

I brought the bike and after the meetup I biked to a couple of caches that I didn't find before, and I didn't find again.

I found my first cache of the day on Briarwood.  An easy find, although the n00b before me logged a DNF (Did Not Find).

I spotted what would have been my second cache over near Paradise Valley Road, but while I was fashioning a TOTT (Tool Of The Trade) to fish it out several cars came and parked next to me, and they just weren't not going anywhere.  Another day...

I stopped by another previous DNF (Twice, really) on Avocado Ave. and spotted it quickly, THIS time.

The last cache was a puzzle I had solved a long time ago and searched for several times.  It has been recently replaced and I found it quickly this time.

And then I went home and took a nap.

My total is 2,950 caches found, so I only have fifty to go to reach 3,000, and that is my goal for this year.

Got my blood work back. My A1C was ok.  The doctor says my potassium is a bit high.  Wants me to stop eating foods high in potassium.  Does that mean I should stop taking the vitamin pill with potassium in it?  The one they told me to take?  Well, ONE of them told me, I forget which one!


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