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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dead Meat Monday

I did my labs this morning at 7:30 AM. Hurt like a son-of-a-gun for a while, in that it was pretty sore, but it went away by the time I got home. After a couple of hours I decided to go geocaching, so I got the vehicle gassed up, went down to the Costco1 to get the tire pressure checked,2 and headed off to El Monte Park!  Oh yes, the flume trail!

WARNING!  Some (MOST) of these pics are KINDA big.  In file size!   You people on dial-up (and you know who you are!) might not want to click on them!

So after a torturous hike up the hill and back down again, here is the obligatory selfie at the flume tunnel entrance.

And here is the tunnel entrance without my mug.

And here is the inside of the tunnel.  See, there IS a light at the end of tunnel!

And here we have the first of many views of the valley, many of which look almost the same.

This seems to be almost the same picture, but with a rock.  Well, it's linked already, so you just do ahead and look at it.

So looking towards Lakeside, more or less.

Sometimes I took the same picture with the camera AND the phone. Can you tell which is which?

Towards Lakeside, again.

Across what would be the valley, except for the hill in the foreground, towards the El Cajon Mountain ridge.

Pretty much the same views from higher up, about twice as high, near the top of the ridge.

Higher up again.

You know, I may have totally mixed up which pictures were taken at what level.

So THIS one show the vehicle in the parking lot.  Zoom in and look for the red arrow!

El Cajon Mountain in all its glory!

I found six caches today.  I was really really REALLY beat when I finally got back to the vehicle.  And it was only 3.7 miles!  I was almost stumbling like a drunk person, almost.  And I WAS hydrated and fed.  Just really really weary.  I don't think there is any way I'm going to ever be able to do the El Cajon Mountain caches..  Not without a helicopter!


1I don't know why it is there, and not anywhere else, but I very often see people I know from work at Costco.  Today I saw a student and her dad.
2Note to self: Do NOT go to Costco during the busy time!!

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