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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Damp Saturday

Rained a bit last night, nearly an inch in some places, I hear.

I went geocaching this morning.  The first cache was at a location I've been to before. A location that I nearly injured myself in a stabby sort-of-way. Because it was very very steep.  Today it was still very very steep.  It was also very very muddy after our little rain.  And so it was very very slippery!  But I managed to make the find without hurting myself.  The cache theme was Halloween, and the inside of the bush was decorated with cobwebs.  So cool!  Should have taken a pic!

Speaking of Halloween, it was costume day at work on Friday.  A group was costumed as construction workmen, oddly enough, and I was talked into wearing a hardhat and reflector vest.  I came up with the clipboard. I'm the superintendent!

I was fooling with the camera the other day, made this little panorama.

But I digress...

More geocaching in Mission Valley.  I've been in that building a couple of times, but I've never seen it from this angle before!

I found eight caches today, so that was good. And that was about all I accomplished today!

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Deanne said...

You look like Bob the Builder.

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