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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Out and About South Of Eastlake

From the other day, our new fence at work, and some flowers.


My geocaching route today.  How does that work for ya?

Here is a panorama I made at one point.  There is SUPPOSED to be an airship in the sky, that was the point of the panorama, but all I see is one little dot that MIGHT be the airship.

I swear I didn't want to touch this even after I figured out it was the cache.

How about this cute little critter?

And this guy was so hilariously fierce!

The hills are quite scared with motorcycle trails and roads.  I am quite torn, back in the day I would have been riding here, I bet, and I'd be tempted now if I had a bike.  A few minutes later a motorcyclist came down the hill on the road/trail to the left.

There was a stink bug (Pinacate beetle) in this cache hole!

Jets kept circling around.  I don't know why. Touch and go practice at Brown Field?
You can see the wheels are down in the next picture.

This picture is definitely better!

I saw a bunch of aircraft today.  The airship, helicopters, private planes going to Brown Field, the noisy, I mean Sound Of Freedom, jets, and a couple either "drones" or powered hang glider-type light aircraft.

I walked about 4.582 miles this morning, which I'm sure you know if you clicked the link to Google Pedometer/miler/

Nineteen caches found, and two DNFs.  No snakes sighted, no injuries to report.  My ankle-thing started bothering me a little, but no more than usual.

On a sad note I had transported two mice for release but forgot to let them go when I parked the vehicle.  When I got back they were dead.

The only sound in the cave was Howard, weeping.
"Shh," said Boots, patting him. "The mouses are sleeping." -- Gregor And The Marks Of Secret

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