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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Finds and Not

I went geocaching in Mission Valley again today, early this morning, but not quite as early as yesterday. I found ten caches, one of which had not been found by the previous four cachers.  And I spotted it easily!  That is what comes from experience.  And luck!

I had four other caches I was gonna go for, but last night a cacher posted on the FB that he had an idea about a cache that we have all DNFed (Did Not Find) so far, and we could meet up there at 8:45. So I headed there and was only a few minutes late.  I hopped out and announced, "Don't tell me you guys haven't found it yet, I figured all I'd have to do was sign the log!" The guys were attempting an assault on that sign with a ladder and a long string/stick with a magnet.  Did not pan out. A few more people showed up (probably totaled twelve altogether), many place were checked, and there was much petting of the dog.  After an hour or so we headed our separate ways.

The cache remains unfound.

DNF Party winding down.

Even though there were no refreshments it was nice to see some old and new faces!

I went to the grocery store afterwards to buy some stuff, and realized at the check out lane that it was all carbohydrates.  I was staggered. Protein!  I must have protein!


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Anonymous said...

yes, protein! eggs, cheese, nuts, protein powder, buy an already cooked chicken...

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