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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Along The Ted

I got up early this morning, well, not so early, and put together a plan to go geocaching along the Ted Williams Parkway, with I affectionately refer to as "The Ted".  There is a bike path running the length of the parkway and I figured I could hit maybe thirty of the caches along there.

I parked at the park and ride on Carmel Valley Road and Sorrento Valley Road.  Getting there was a comedy of wrong turns, though I shall not go into it.

First I headed south to pick up a few caches, although not all of them, as one has several DNFs and is Disabled, and the other I forgot to load into the GPSr.  But I found the other three.

Los Peñasquitos Lagoon

 WARNING:  File Size is an awesome 792 KB!

I then headed east and made my way to the bike path.  I'm sure you don't want to hear about every little bush I looked it, so I shan't bore you with THAT!

I saw several horses, with riders, and some without.  Saw lots of cyclists and runners and kids and families.  It's a very busy path.  There are two separate paths next to each other for a goodly distance. One is dirt and one is asphalt.  Horses tend to stick to the dirt path.  Road cyclists tend to stick to the asphalt.  Everyone else mixes it up.  As did I.

One of the places I wanted to check out was the starting point for a puzzle cache.  Yes, that's the entrance.  Wet feet are de rigueur!  The theme is something about Harry Potter and some tunnel or secret entrance.  No, I did not go in!

I found nineteen caches today, and DNFed two.  On the way back to the vehicle I took a picture of the afternoon sun and shade on the leaves littering the path.  How pretty!

I rode about twelve miles today.  Good thing I oiled the chain yesterday!  Maybe tomorrow I post a picture of all the little cuts on my legs.  Shorts and forays into the brush, even SHORT forays, do not go together well!

When I got home I called my mother for a good long Thanksgiving chat.

And that was my Saturday.

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