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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sunday Evening

We went on a drive to the Sunrise Highway and did some geocaching along the way.

This was at a big outcropping of rock in a big flat parking area.  That's what it is NOW.  I imagine it USED to be a great big hill of rock.  I suspect it was used for road maintenance over the years.

And standing on the big rock, of course!

I've heard of Bigfoot, but this is the track of Littlefoot, I guess.  Heading down the strange road/trail to the "desert view" on Monument Peak Road.

I always thought pine cones grew on pines, but I guess I was wrong.

On the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT), this is an excellent view of the desert.

A little later, a different spot.  It's a LONG way down!  Watch your step!

File Size: 774 KB

A view of the desert panorama on the PCT.

File Size: 305 KB

I forget how many geocaches we found, fifteen I think.  Not counting one burned in a fire (which had been replaced because no one could find it ) that I found in plain sight.

We saw a bunch of interesting stuff.  An old rusty car, maybe from the 40s. A mysterious building (I hear it has bats!). Beautiful views of the desert.  A basset hound.  And the Big Rock, of course.

My career geocaches found total stands at 2,899 to date.

We ordered pizza from D'Amatos (of La Mesa) when we got home.  Yum, so much better than frozen!

Have a good week!

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Did you sing "pizza pizza pizza pizza"?

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