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Thursday, July 31, 2014

If It's Thursday It Must Be Car Show Day!

I walked up to the car show this afternoon.  'Cause I NEED the exercise!

Most of the cars were the same ones, but there were a few new ones.  I'm still looking for that "Ghia", though, it has not been back!

All the motorcycles that I saw there were Harleys.  One was one of them ol' three-wheelers, the kind with the box on the back.  Like the police or delivery bikes were.  Back in the day...   I'd like to see some interesting old bikes of other brands.  Maybe the Ton Up Club San Diego could make an appearance!!

I saw that Willys again, now the hood is up.  Is that stock?

Well, I KNOW the air cleaner is not, but what about that carb setup?

Porsche "Bathtub" Speedster.  I think the first Porsche I ever rode in was one of these, owned by Linda something... no, I take that back, her car was a Mini.  The first Porsche was a different time.  Both times I was hitchhiking, though.

A violet DeSoto, ain't that cute?

And here is the engine.  It's a Fire Dome V-8!!

I don't know what kind of car it is, but the owner has named it "Lonely Teardrops", I guess after the song performed by Jackie Wilson.  Click the link for the Wikipedia article, Wilson died while performing the song!

I also looked, fruitlessly, for a geocache that I haven't found before, so there you go.

See you at the car show, next week!

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