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Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday At The Park

The plan was to head to to Santee and find a puzzle geocache I had solved for the first badge of 7 Souvenirs Of August activity.  Well, I guess I didn't solve that puzzle as well as I thought, 'cause I did not find it.

Cowles Mountain and environs, on an overcast morning.

I looked for another cache in Mission Trail Regional Park (MTRP) that I had not found twice before, and I did not find that one, either.

Trees on Mission Gorge Road, in the distance.

I did find one, also in MTRP, that was fairly new, and I was the fourth or fifth to find it.  This was in Oak Canyon, a place that I would dearly love to see when/if it rains.

I saw a tarantula, but not in Oak Canyon.

I found another cache in Santee, the container was a red plastic chili.  Very colorful!

So I was left with one Souvenir Badge, The Explorer, for the day.

When I got back to the truck I discovered I had left the door unlocked.  I did not find anything missing.  Well, the most valuable thing in there is the Maglite.  I do not leave wallets and phones in the vehicle!

After I got home I remembered I have to pick up the Raleigh Twenty at the bike store, so I headed over there.  When I arrived they went to get it, then I was told the front tire had popped last night because it was so hot in the shop last night.  Huh.  So they fixed it.  When I got home I found the front wheel bearings grossly mistrusted.  So I guess I am not taking any work back there!  But the whitewall tire are very attractive!

Muggish and warm this afternoon, it is 87 outside.

Once again, that is all I got for now!

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