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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Think It Is Thursday

It is hard to remember what day it is!

I went out to Lakeside in the almost noon-day sun, mad dog that I am.  I found some geocaches around Cactus Park.  Some of them were pretty tough to get to, and away from.  Walking along one fence line I discovered someone's abandoned kit car project. I guess.

After that I went over to El Monte Park to check out the parking situation for the Flume hiking trail.  Looks ok.  No cell coverage, though, so I couldn't look for any caches.

Lastly I went to Lindo Lake to find some caches.  I saw some ducks.  This place has changed a lot since I was a kid, and I've been complaining about it ever since.  Here's a link to the Lakeside Historical Society Lindo Lake history.  Look for the picture of the airship over Lindo Lake!

Some stats:  I'm right at 2,700 caches found in my geocaching career.  I need two more caches to make five hundred finds for this year.  One of my goals for 2014 is to have 730 finds, which would average to two a day.  Another goal is to reach the 3,000 caches found level.

I forgot to mention I printed out two aerial maps and a cache list for today's expedition, and of course left it at home.  So I'm glad I had the iPhone app to look up hints and descriptions!  At least I had loaded all the caches into my GPSr (GPS Receiver) this time.  Why bother, you say?  The GPSr batteries last a LOT longer than the phone (a couple weeks!), no data charges to worry about, and it is more accurate. Usually.  Often.  Sometimes!

So I use both.


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