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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sat AND Sun!

Saturday I went down to the Big Bay for some geocaching.  This is on the pier near Caesar Chavez Park.  Lots of tugboats in view from here, although that is not a tugboat in the background.

This is the tribute to Bob Hope.  I didn't even know about it.  Pretty cool!

This super yacht was amazing to see, but I think I prefer something more traditional.

A railroad turntable.  You don't see a lot of these anymore. I may have ridden in a steam locomotive that was being turned on this one.  That's how I remember it.  It happened back in 1967.  One thing for sure, I definitely rode in the cab of the fired-up steam locomotive that was being towed to the turntable by a diesel locomotive. That is for sure!

Did I mention I hauled the bike down there and rode it around?  Here are the three routes I took:

Route 1 -- Harbor Drive

Route 2 - Cesar Chavez Park

Route 3 -- Harbor Island

As for Sunday...

I got involved in a "friendship" multi-cache, not unlike that one I did a few years ago with a poor fellow on the east coast who had to put up with my coordinate misteaks.

This one had a Star Of India theme.  The deal is, I had to find out the coordinates to the final location of a related cache on the Isle Of Man. 'Cause that is where the Star Of India was built!  Then I had to contact a geocacher on the isle who had the coordinates to the final cache here, and we would trade information.  Then we both get a find, and in this case in another country!

So I got the coordinates from my partner on the Isle Of Man and drove the back roads down to find it.  Of course there was NO parking, so I had to park a mile away and walk there.  While walking I passed by the Star, where there was a giant event going on, with hundreds of people on the ship and on the ground, drinking beer, eating, and listening to a live rock band.

Mostly unrelated to this, I remembered I have a patch that I got for donating to the fund for the American team going to the 1975 ISDT on the Isle of Man.

After that I went up to Balboa Park to look around.  There is water in that secluded fountain I visited before!  Very peaceful here, there were only two other people.

That is about it for today!

Oh, wait, on the drive to the bay today I saw a big Triumph motorcycle parked at the curb around 30th street with full knobby tires and number plates.  Wish I had got a picture of THAT!

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Deanne said...

We'll be hanging out around harbor drive next week!

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