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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Santee & Clairemont, I Mean, Kearny Mesa

So I was geocaching the other day and when I got home I got a great idea for a picture, so I stopped by this morning to try to do it.  Well, it is not entirely clear from the photo what is going on, so there is an inset image of the overall scene, and a bit of description:  I figured out from the cache hint (colector de aguas pluviales) that it was in the pipe at the end of the drainage ditch. So I stuck my head down there, and even with the headlamp on I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't get my head down there far enough anway.  So I used the fabulous selfie feature on the iPhone to look at the top of the pipe.  So here, in this recreation, is me looking down at the iPhone screen while the selfie camera is looking at the top of said drainage pipe.  I wish the sky was blue, but I guess the glare washes it out.  It was overcast, anyway!

Where Is That Darn Cache?

I went geocaching in Santee and what turns out to be Kearny Mesa, not Clairemont.  My goal was to find some caches, of course, and then visit the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, to which I have never been before, can you believe it?

Saw some antennas as I was making the rounds!

An HF antenna at the California Department of Transportation.  Backup in case the internets go down?

HF antenna at HRO, otherwise known as The Toy Store.

I found sixteen caches today, and didn't find three.  I found three caches that I had DNFed previously, which was sweet!  On my first cache of the day I bang my forehead on a piece of iron, and now have a lump.  I shoulda been wearing my hat!

I tested my blood sugar at the proper time while I was at a cache, it was the highest it has ever been, 211.  I didn't eat anything different, but last night I forgot to take my meds, so maybe that's it.  My pre-meal test was ok, though.  We shall have to see what happens at dinner time.

I went back to Mysterious Galaxy and talked to the proprietor for a while, then a whole FAMILY of women and girls, some from Spokane, came in to pick out books.  It took me a good long while to get his attention and pay for the books (John Scalzi books), but it was cool 'cause I got to watch him at work talking up books.   Nice to watch an expert at work!

What is going on next week?  I think I have a doctor appointment every day except Friday.  Teeth, feet, PCP, CT-Scan. Not neccesarily in that order.

I had an eye exam yesterday, the doctor said I had a freckle in my eye, I forget just where.  She also said I have a little bubble, which could be a precursor to a cataract.  What fun!

But no diabetes damage.  Yet!

So I got that goin for me!

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