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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Feels Like Sunday

But it isn't.

After sitting in the computer chair since 6 AM, mostly, and doing NOTHING, I finally got out of the house around 3:30 or 4:00 and headed out to Santee to find some caches.  What I had done was solve another puzzle, so I figured I would do that one, plus a couple of others.

The puzzle had to do with a baseball player named Sidd Finch,  an amazing pitcher that George Plimpton wrote about in Sports Illustrated in April of 1985.

Well, two guys were working on a fence a couple of feet away from the tree-of-interest, so after them some advice, i.e. they needed a come-along to stretch the chain-link fabric, I headed back to the truck to get the water bottle and the tripod, then across Mast to the Hills Of Santee!

Well, not that far up the hills, maybe a fifteen minute walk.

Found the cache, and its oddly wet log sheet.  I put in another sheet, just in case, in a plastic bag.

Here's a pic of the view:

There were ZILLIONS of big black ants scurrying about, and other bugs too. The (new) shirt was unhelpful.

Frozen pizza for dinner, because I have no imagination.

Gotta do my before-dinner blood test.  Later!

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