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Friday, May 30, 2014

Up In The K.M.

No Bike To Work for me, I had an appointment!

Today was Hat and Sunglasses Day for Spirit Week.

We must be in Oz, Toto!

Several ways this image could have been improved occurred to me, but I was at my appointment at the time.

Who parks like this, eh? I hate those people!

I found two geocaches today, one near Sharp Memorial, and one not too far from the Chili's in Grantville.

I got an appointment in October for something yucky, I'm in the queue to talk to the folks who arrange the Taking Of Samples (Internal), but THAT is gonna wait until book return is over!  I also did some labs, and I didn't faint!  That is, I think, four times in a row I haven't fainted!  Wow!


Deanne said...

I hate it when people park like that as well. No regards to others. Woo hoo! No fainting! That's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to park like that?

Anonymous said...

Old age and senility. And that was a pull-in, too. You oughta see my backing!

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