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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Evening

I keep forgetting to mention it, but during the Big Heat last week I came home one day to find the solar bird bath bowel dry dry dry, and it turned out there was a big crack in it and the pump had pumped all the water our of the reservoir.  Not good!  So I put the old, larger, bowel back on.  The pump seems to be pumping, so I guess it isn't damaged.

Yesterday I completed the San Diego 360 Degree Challenge, wherein one had to find one cache in each of the 360, uh, radial "spokes" from a point just south of Montgomery Field.  I already had quite a number when I started (Scroll down in  Hot Stuff for picture, etc.) but it has take me three months to complete the challenge. The last radius was the hardest, I had three Did Not Finds before I found one to complete. And it was one I was avoiding, but it turned out to be really easy! 

Here I am walking between the first and second DNFs, which are at least 528 feet apart.

After I got home and logged the finds I realized I had to go find the Challenge cache, too, so in the afternoon it was off to Serra Mesa, or maybe it is Kearny Mesa South, I do not know, to make the Final find, which I did.  BUT, before that I popped over to Allied Gardens to try for a First To Find on a new cache, but missed it by twenty minutes.  If only I hadn't stopped to use the "facilities" before I left...

That's all I got, it is time for bed!

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