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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A State Of Newness. Or Something.

Or maybe it was a new state.  We drove out to Yuma so I could get a new geocaching state, that is, Arizona.  That makes three!

Lots of wind, lots of dust on the way over there.  I made a little movie of the wind while at a rest stop, but it doesn't quite do it justice, so you don't get to see it!

Did you know El Centro is below sea level?

The caches I picked out were all in or around Gateway Park.  It was a little crowded there today, but most of the people were in the river.

The first cache was at a steam engine.  I found that one pretty quickly.  The second one was a lamp post skirt hide. I decided not to do that one, there were too many people around.  I could actually see the container through a crack, though!  But it don't count unless you sign the log!

Cache three was within sight of this old machine, which is a Blaisdell Slow Sand Filter Washing Machine.

Cache Number Four was a multi-cache across the tracks near the Yuma Territorial Prison  Museum (As seen on California's Gold!!)  We got to the starting location by walking the long way under the bridges.  Then I read the directions and we had to backtrack four hundred feet.  We did some calculations and headed off to the next waypoint. Conveniently forgetting that Cache Number Five was about fifty feet away from our calculation spot.  At the next waypoint we headed off in a certain direction and for a certain number of steps, and viola, there was, uh, a red herring.  But I was only fooled for a minute (or two) and then spotted the real cache.

Here are people who paid to go into the museum.

Cache Number Five.  We forgot about that one, remember?

Cache Number Six.  This was a virtual cache, I had to find out some answers at the location and email the cache owner for permission to post a find.  

While we were standing there admiring the bridges a train came along.

And parked right next to us!

Cache Number Seven was at the other end of the park so we drove to it.  Extremely nicely done, I awarded it a favorite point, as had 85 other cachers over the past couple of years.

Driving home there was more sand blowing across the road.

We took the scenic route home on the S2 where we had a long conversation with a Border Patrol agent who was either interested in geocaching or wondering just how legitimate I was, scruffy person that I am.

That is about it for today!

But yesterday!  Did I tell you about the rainbow?  Well, here it is!

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Anonymous said...

Where was the rainbow coming from? It looks like it's in my old room, is it from the red prism?

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