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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I went off after work to check on the geocache that coyotes and/or dogs keep dragging.  A Did Not Find was reported a week ago, but it was just to hot for me, etc.  So today was good.  I found the cache exactly where it was supposed to be, and for a bonus I found the missing cap for the container that was reported missing a few weeks ago!  And it was only a couple of feet away. See the pic!

I got a training tomorrow, I gotta do another blood lab, the CT scan want to schedule, LOGO return is the 30th, I hear, the Last Due Date is May 30th, and someone relative is having a birthday in a next, I gotta get a card--the month is full!

And I bet there is going to a doctor appointment in there somewhere!

EDIT:  I forgot to mention my new favorite song is John Prine's Spanish Pipedream.  Heard it on KRNN last night! The linked is a little speedy, I like it played a little bit slower.

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