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Sunday, June 01, 2014

It Was The First Of June

I went for a drive to north-ish City to get me some geocaches that had eluded me lately and not-so-lately.

SPOILER ALERT:  You can see the cache in this photograph.

I was here the other day, TWICE.  A lady was parked nearby the first time, and the second time a guy was working in that big silver box to the right.  Found the cache quickly today.  I like railroad stuff, especially OLD railroad stuff.

SPOILER ALERT:  You can see the cache in this photograph.
 I have heard of Park'n'Grab caches, but Drive-Up caches?  That is just ridiculously funny!  I gave it a Favorite point.

I stopped by the lake (actually, there was NO parking so I had to park at the library and walk up) and found a couple of caches I couldn't find last time, back in July 2013.  One of them was kinda hard, still, I had to fish for it.  The other was insanely easy, what was I thinking?  Timing the retrievals and replacements between passers-by was VERY tricky, though.

I saw a U-2 aircraft in the sky while walking around a couple of blocks from Scripps Ranch High! Wow!

What kind of tree is this?

Also, there was a group of radio-control aircraft enthusiasts flying their planes a few feet from a cache (the cache I was walking to in the previous paragraph), but I figured they were watching their planes and not me.

I ate one of these when I got home.  How many carbs does it have, I wonder?

I found eleven caches to, and Did Not Find four.  I have 2,587 caches found, to date, with an average for this year of 2.5329 finds per day. So far.

Thanks for reading!

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