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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back To Spring

It is a lot cooler today, in the mid-eighties.

I went geocaching again this morning, all morning.  I can't remember how many caches I found, I think it was thirteen.  I calculated that I need four more to complete the San Diego 360 Degree geocaching challenge.  As luck would have it, many of the possibles caches have problems, either missing, or I can't find them.  We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Somewhere in this picture there was supposed to be a geocache, if I did the calculations correctly.  Where would YOU start looking?  Don't forget to click the thumbnail to see the Big Picture!

Purty flowers on a tree.  Are they still flowers when on a tree?  Blossums?

Inside the Camp Kearny guardhouse.  My Google-foo is not working, I can find NOTHING about the building!

Selfie from the guardhouse.

The guardhouse, with its bronze plaque.

The last cache I went for today was at La Jolla Shores.  There is NO parking AT ALL, and the cars are practically gridlocked, if there was a grid, coming "over the hill".  I shall have to try to get there EARLY tomorrow.  Possibly in the dark.

Well, that is about it for today!

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