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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Days Past

I have more pepper chilies, and here is a blurry picture of them.

I have one little sunflower at the moment, at least one that looks pretty good, the others a kind of falling over a bit.

The other day I came up behind this "bicycle" at  stop light.  He could move pretty fast down hill, but he seemed pretty slow up hill.

Last night I went up to UCSD to look for zombies. Or rather, to find a geocache and AVOID getting et by zombies.  I was hoping to meet up with a group of ladies who were also going to look for zombies.  Waiting for permission to post a zombiefied picture of theirs.

We used a Zombie Meter to avoid zombies.  The Zombie Meter actually tells you how far you are from each waypoint, although not the direction... And if you are hot or cold.  Also detects zombies and lets you know of they are near.  Very cool!

We ran out of time and were eaten by zombies.  It was so sad.

I went back up there tonight and managed, after a great deal of toing and froing, to make the find.  Learning the ropes last night with the ladies helped a lot!  I was able to find the third waypoint and get the final part location coordinate, then on to the final location.  Well, I actually search in THREE locations, because apparently I cannot use a GPSr properly.  One of the location invoked my fear of heights, so there was some crawling up stairs involved.  All in all a GREAT geocache!

I found four other geocaches while waiting for night to fall.  Yes, the Zombie Meter only works at night.  Oh, and DNFed one, too.

You DID remember that those images are just x-large thumbnails, you gotta click the pic to see the relativly higher quality, and larger, image.

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Deanne said...

Love sunflowers. I know you have good luck with them in your yard but I have yet to grow one.

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