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Thursday, May 15, 2014


I read somewhere, that other places have snow days, we have fire days.

Everyone that I know is being allowed back to their  homes today.  The weather person on Fox said the dew point is much higher than yesterday, and that is a BIG DEAL.  But don't quote me.

Anyway, I got the day off because large portions of San Diego are on fire. Again.  I'm just glad the wind is blowing out to sea!

It's 2:29 PM and mister thermometer says it is 101.7 F outside.  I have to bike down to the car repair shop this afternoon to pick up the vehicle, and load up the credit card with debt.  At least, it is EXPECTED to be finished today, we shall see.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, unless they cancel another day.  Why not, says I?  Why start up the whole district for one day?  Of course, that would make Bike To Work Day a bit tricky.

It is 85 F in the living room, and that is with the gas pilot still lit.  I live in hope that the May Grey and June Gloom will return.

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