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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hot Stuff

I picked the poblano chile peppers today. But why is that one turning brown, and what is that sticking out of the bottom of it?

Please remember these are enlarged thumbnails. Click the pic to see the original image!

There's a geocache where the challenge is to find a cache in every degree radiating from it. I finally figured out how to use the "checker" for it.  Looks like I only need a hundred and two more caches finds to complete it!

I talked to the doctor's office today, about my labs.  They said to eat healthier and get more exercise, and they'll check me up again in July.

Speaking bicycling, Mr. Steve the M. presented me with a 2014 bicycling calendar which is quite attractive and inspiring. Perhaps I shall ride a bike to work tomorrow.

I placed a new geocache yesterday, in an old spot, and someone found it today, so he gets the dollar I put in there for the FTF (First To Find) reward. The dollar bill itself was a FTF reward I got, so I'm just passing it along. So far he is the only finder.

I must admit that I am rather dreading the next couple of weeks, but it is what it is, and I shall weather through it.


Deanne said...

I thought when green peppers get really ripe they turn red.

Anonymous said...

Dad, what are you going to do with those peppers? Or, what did you do with them? You can try to make chiles rellenos or cut them up and fry them with other veggies, in just a little bit of oil. If you have a blender you could puree them with cream and put it on spaghetti. That's how they eat spaghetti in Mexico.

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