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Monday, June 03, 2013

Fun With Bondo

The geocache I've been working on for a couple of weeks.

With the lid off.  See, it IS a pill bottle!

Here is the picture I promised oh so long ago of the ducks at work.  They may even be the SAME ducks I saw before, who knows?

I find, in extensive searching, that I did NOT promise pictures of ducks.  In fact, there is no mention ANYWHERE of ducks at work.  I guess I MEANT to mention the ducks, and take a picture.  Well, there they are, 

Bought flat spray to coat the new geocache with something protective.  Did the grocery shopping, too. Bought a lot of junk food, and vegetables (and fruit), and something get to the pet odor out of the carpet.  Bought some dish washing liquid, too.  That was totally unnecessary,  there are not-literally gallons under the sink.

Found out that Steve the L. crashed at the velodrome last week!  He is in ICU, but is making some progress.  I don't know which hospital he is at, though, but Adams Avenue Bicycles is collecting funds to help out the family.   Yah big Swede, this is NOT the way to get me into velodrome racing!!

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Deanne said...

Pretty clever that pill container! I don't recall you mentioning the ducks but glad you posted them. Cute. I miss our neighborhood ducks. We had a pair but they stopped showing up a few years ago. The female had a bad limp so I figured she passed away. :o(

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