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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Morning In Santee

After doing NOTHING yesterday but moping about all day yesterday, I headed out to the Hills Of Santee north of the 52 (mostly Spring Canyon) to clean it out of my unfound geocaches littering the place. I saw coyote, a lizard, a bicyclist peeing on the side of the road, a deer crossing the road behind the peeing bicyclist, and a bunch of crows. Here's picture of the lizard:

Seeing as how I came down that road in the background, I could be in BIG TROUBLE!

Cowles Mountain in the background, sadly the 52 highway is obscured by the foreground. I did not realize I am that wide.

I do not know why I felt it necessary to drop everything and take a picture of an Osprey flying over head, but there you go.

No, it's not the bird kind, it's the Marine kind.

Driving home I saw scooters!  This is the third or fourth pack to cruise by. Possibly this run is a result of Amerivespa 2013, being held in San Diego this weekend.

I walked 8.2 miles and found seven out of seven geocaches. Ain't I special?

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