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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How I Spent My Saturday Evening

Watching TV.  Or rather, watching computer.  Hulu, in particular.

I found a couple of shows I had not heard of.  One was The Book Group.  It is an adult (small amounts of very bad language, adult situations, bare bottoms(It's British!)) comedy/drama about an American woman in Scotland who starts a book group to make some friends. She gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.   Here is some commentary about the show.  The  "star" of the show looked very familiar, turned out she later was on House as Dr. Amber Volakis, eventually Wilson's girlfriend.  And played a prominent part in my favorite episode, House's Head.  I was in tears every time I watched it.  I was even a bit teary watching her in this one, thinking of that one! Another of the actors is currently on Game Of Thrones (The Hound), if they haven't killed him off, I haven't got that far in the books.

I find the show to be very very funny, even with the very strong accents some of the characters have.  Thank goodness for the ten-second rewind on Hulu!  Of course, being a drama also, there are some very sad/shocking parts.  I watched the whole first "season" in one sitting.

The second show was an Australian sitcom called The Librarians. It isn't nearly as excellent, more like lesser The Office (I'm thinking of the American one.).  But it was fun to see a sitcom set in a reasonably realistic library setting.  So I will watch more episodes.

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