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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Down At False Bay Today

I went down to Mission Bay to do a little geocaching.  I got up at four AM, ate breakfast, then changed my mind about where I wanted to go, so I read for an hour, then left around 5:30.

I walked around for a while, finding and not finding caches.  Near one I didn't find there were zillions of pigeons.  I totally blame them for the Did Not Find.

Lots of folks were launching their stinkpots at the boat ramp, but some were just rowing around.  Very pretty in the dawn's early.

The was a depressed railroad siding beside a defunct loading ramp.  This cool bumper was mounted to the concrete wall to cushion the blow of any errant moves. I've never seen one for sale in the model railroad catalogs.  I could make a million bucks manufacturing, I am sure!

From one cache I saw this old bridge, which I guess, and a bit of research verified, was part of the old Pacific Highway before the 5 was built.  It is a dead-end bridge now.

The wind came up and the fog rolled in, at 9:00 AM!

Unbelievably, it was 78 degrees outside when I got home.  Practically freezing!

I found eleven caches this morning, and did not find two.

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