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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strike Up The Band

Having missed the orchestra concert last night, due to memory lapse, I suppose, I left early for the band concert tonight at seven. Upon arriving I discovered that instead of being fifteen minutes early, I was in forty-five minutes late.  So I only got to listen to the last half-hour., which was nice.  Said "Hi!" to several of the band members I know.

Didn't have any moola on me, so could not get a raffle ticket for a gift basket.  Just my luck!

The ever-helpful Steve the M. gave me his personal copy of the program, right out of his pocket, on the condition I stop lambasting him in this blog.  Or the other one, whichever, or both.  Hey, when have I EVER said anything that was not complementary, to the max!

Next year I will try to be on time!

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