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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Down To The River

But first...

Yesterday I spent a great deal of the day cleaning the black gunk off of these history books, since I'm NOT going to be able to figure out where all those loose pages came from!  Said gunk is composed of skin grease, dead skin cells, and who knows what else.

I think the bread slicing machine at the bakery needs adjustment.

There was some question about this shirt. Here it is. Be amazed!

This guy had smoke coming out from that wheel. THAT can't be good!

Now for today's stuff!

Went down to the San Diego River, west of the hotels, for a bit of geocaching. Link to Google Maps.

Here is the crossing over, or rather, under, the San Diego River.  Apparently the entire might river is channeled through this narrow, uh, channel.

Shoes gonna be wet. That is the lens cover there, in case you were wondering. Ever the professional, am I.

At the crossing, the pond to the east.

At the crossing, the pond to the west.

Into the darkness!  The San Diego River Park Foundation has created myriad  trails all lined with rocks.

Pond under trolley.

Yellow flower. Walking stick for scale.

Tiny flowers.

Pumpkin-color flowers.

Orange flower.

Mural on the bike path.

Found ten geocaches, and met a fellow geocacher who helped me, in that I saw him putting it back as I was pulling in, plus he was tall enough to reach the darn thing, where I was not.  I got to pet his dog, which I maintain is a great deal better than owning a dog.

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