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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Out and About With Mom and Matt and Jodi

Trying out thumbnails so that SOME PEOPLE on dial-up (in Pennsylvania) can view the blog without having to go to their local library for a faster connection.

Thumbnails are a lot more work!  Thumbnails SHOULD open in a new window. We shall see...

View to the east-ish from near the lodge at Torrey Pines

Mom and Matt at Torrey Pines. Matt is identifying plants utilizing his plant book

Sign on bench.  DO NOT FEED THE BENCH!!

GIANT SPIDERS on cactus!

Pretty yellow flowers. I should ask Matt what they are.

Three bees caught in a web. Never saw a bee caught in a web before.

View up the coast from Mt. Miguel whilst sitting on a bench with my mom, eating lunch.

Extreme enlargement of skywriting airplanes.

Jodi and the Giant Doughnut!

I found a lamp harp and finial at The Light Bulb Center located at 7735 University Ave in beautiful La Mesa, California, the Jewel of the Hills, you know. So now my mini-Tiffany-ish lamp is operational!

That is about all I have the Energy and Patience to fool with. 

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