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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Out And About In Santee

My mother brought me my Jeannie bottle!

Yes, that IS a clothes pin pirate pulling himself out of the bottle! Would that I had a picture of the pirate ship I built and populated with clothespin pirates.  It was about three feet long and I named it The Rose Of Devon, after the ship in the book The Dark Frigate, by Charles Hawes.  I gave it to my sister's kids.  Maybe they still have it?

I went geocaching in Santee this morning/afternoon, first to the hills north of West Hills High School.  Saw this sign.  I've HEARD tell of people driving Jeeps out here, but a tow away zone?

Saw snake skin, but no snakes.  Lots birds.  Lots of poop on the road. Dog, coyote, deer...maybe mountain lion!  Who knows, I am not a reader of poop. A number of birds, the most outstanding a Road Runner, running away.

I found three out of three caches in the hills, one of which was a puzzle cache that only took me about two hours to solve.  Spread out over a couple of months.  I decided to push my luck and head over to "downtown" Santee for a couple of caches along the river that I needed.  I parked in the shade near the Target loading dock, and headed out.

I found the first one ok, the homeless encampment that put me off the last time having disappeared.  After a short conversation with some typical Santee residents, that is, bare-chested boys on BMX bikes, a-hoppin' over the mounds of dirt (who insisted calling me  Forrest Gump, and that they had seen a black bear over by the river...), I looked for the second cache.  I had no success finding it, but I did make the acquaintance of one "Roger Moore", as he named himself, who helped me look around for a half-hour or so. When I got home I found that particular cache has been missing since the second day of its existence, that is, May 19th.

I did a little grocery shopping on the way home, stocking up on junk food and bread. 

That's about all for today!

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