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Friday, June 28, 2013

Post-Geocaching Notes

Since I had mailed off the bills this morning, after attending to all my geocaching triviata  this morning I went to bed and read, then fell asleep.  After awaking, I realized I had birthday cards to attend to, so I heading up to Grossmont Center to visit Grossmont Nutrition.  Oh, but first, I visited Gypsy Treasure in downtown La Mesa in hope of finding plastic ants.  And they did.  And plastic rats, too.  I would highly recommend them for all your plastic ant and rat needs.  I understand they have costumes, too.

I got a couple of cards for an excellent price, then headed over to Target.  I looked kitchenware and travel mugs.  The prices seemed a bit high, so I WALKED over to Walmart.  I looked at their travel mugs.  There was a much better selection, and the same one was two bucks less.  Big deal, huh?  But the big pot, it was EXACTLY what I wanted needed, and ten bucks less than the Target one I would have settled for.  Mom would have loved this pot!  I also got some small storage boxes, since I was there.  After paying for it I WALKED all the way back to the truck, which was parked next to Target, as you might expect.  I drove over to the Grossmont Center U.S. Post Office and wrote the cards, and mailed them off. Then I drove home.

Here is the new pot, and the old one, which has no handles.  The new one has handles! The new one has a pasta strainer, which, having just used it, is FABULOUS!  The new one has a lid, too.  The old one had a lid, but I can't find it.

Also, the new travel mug.  The first one I have ever purchased!

Oh, I forgot, I went to Dixieline to buy some fender washers for the TV antenna project in between Grossmont and going home.

It been warmer here, we had a high of 93 degrees.  It was about as warm in Santee, but for a longer part of the day.  The various weather stations around here can't decide whether it is 74 or 84 degrees.  Let me go check my thermometer........OK, it says 76 outside, and 88 in the spare bedroom.  


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed these posts, dad. Glad you got a new pot. I had put the old one in the trow away/donate box but I had to take it out and use it since there wasn't anything else to use. It's a good pot though. Just missing some handles. They don't make them like that anymore, do they?

Deanne said...

The new pot is nice. Having the strainer is very handy. Love the color. I actually have the same brand but in a large chef pan with a lid. Love travel mugs. Keeps things hot or cold. ;o)

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