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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day Out

Marcia and Matt and I went to the Mission Trails Regional Park for a guided nature walk today. We learned about the kinds of plants there are in the park, and saw the depressions in the rocks where the Indians ground their acorns. I asked the guide about the "horse coffin" I have heard about, but she did not know where it was. The three of us toured the museum/visitor center afterwards.

That's amazing!

California Rose. With bees!

And then we went to lunch at West Coast Barbecue & Brew, where I filled up on "Q" and potato salad.

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Deanne said...

Looks like you had an adventurous day. Mmm...BBQ sounds mighty tasty right now & that goes for potato salad too. Haven't had or made that in quite some time.

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