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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three Days In March

Tuesday, March 29th

I went hiking up a trail in East County. I've never photographed every cache I've found on a hike, much less posted those pics, but here you go:

Looks like an ordinary piece of bark, don't it?

Well, lookee there!

I found it on TOP of the rock.  I put it back UNDER the rock, and let the cache owner know.  The shoe parts seem to be just trash that ended up here, I don't know.

This one took a LONG time to find, the GPSr kept pointing in another direction.

The classic "suspicious pile of rocks".

View from way up high. The vehicle is parked middle-left.

Zoomed in a bit.  I think I'm supposed to have a Wilderness Permit to park here, I hope the rangers don't come by!

I cut short the hike because it was windy, possibly going to rain, and my hands were cold.  I had not brought my outer jacket, silly me, nor my hat, trusting my umbrella to to the job.  Too windy!

As seen on Facebook.  Folding the umbrella back at the vehicle.

Wednesday, March 30th

After the event I went out to various places around Plaza Bonita.  THIS lizard was actually near a cache AT Plaza Bonita.

I bought a coffee at Starbucks and here is the change I got.  Which president is that again?

This was at a cache I've looked for two times before (once with Matt, I think), and spent nearly three quarters of an hour searching for this time. I got stabbed by a rusted "keyring" here, good thing I've had my tetanus shot!  It didn't seem to bleed, and I cleaned it out real good.

Here's another one.  I think Matt and I both looked for this one.  It's not in here.  Eventually I found it nearby. A rather clever hide, I though. I spent about a half an hour here.

March 31st

Oh, that's today!  A different view of USD!

Well, it LOOKED in focus in the viewfinder!

As seen on Facebook, I found this in a cache and had to pose.  Nice hair, eh?

From the same cache, a crown!  Do I not look regal?

At the last cache of the day I sat down and promptly skewered the side of my hand on an errant cactus thorn.  I would swear it went in a 1/4 inch!  Cleaned it real good too, but it didn't bleed any no matter how much I tried to make it, I think my hand is real fat at that point.

I stopped by the library to pick up some tax forms since the free online site won't accept some of my answers, but it turns out they are closed for Cesar Chavez Day.  As I was informed by a lady sitting on the sidewalk leaning up against the library door/window while on her phone.  Who knew?

Thanks for reading!

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