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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday At The Lake

But first...  Matt helped me hook up the camera to the computer so I could transfer the pictures over, since Windows 10 declines to recognize my memory cards as being inserted into the card reader.

This looks like the cache up there in that forty-foot tree. Near the top.  Who can I talk into going after it for me? 

OK, for today, a bunch of photographic shenanigans at Lake Jennings. For the second time in two days I was unable to notice a geopile right at my feet.  Spent twenty minutes looking for this one before I noticed the pile of rocks right there in plain sight.

Same pile, with umbrella for scale.

Walking along the flume trail, I see emergency vehicles speeding along El Monte Road.  That image sure looks like a painting.  Notice the flume trail in the upper right.  I learned today that the flume trail continues along the eastern shore of El Capitan Reservoir..

End of the flume trail, with some mysterious pipes going down the hill to the El Monte Valley below.

I don't know why I took this picture, but I better include it just case it turns out to be important.

As for this one, sure is blurry, I wonder what it was supposed to be?

I was trying to set the timer, instead took a selfie...

Finally got the timer going, but there is just too much sun.  So much for showing off my new hiking umbrella.  Which worked real good, except the tip is not strong enough for poking at rocks.

Well, that is about it, any questions?

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