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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Afterrain

It rained yesterday, but not today.  Yet again I have not been outside all day.  It's in the 70s in the abode and yet I'm freezing.  I have accomplished very little today, managing to feed myself, barely.  I also washed the sink out with scouring powder, and someone will be glad to know I heated some beans and ate them!

Some of these pictures have been posted on Facebook, so they may look familiar. Possibly in a different format.  For example, the panorama below has been reduced in size.

This panorama was taken last Sunday, the 6th of March, at Mt. Laguna.  This was a fairly glorious hike, what with all the wind and such!

M. has some great pics of the hike on his picture pages!

I don't know why I have water shoes next to the bed, but I guess you never know.

It did hail at work last week, and I did promise not to post the boring picture, but here it is, anyway.

So many irritating posts on Facebook.  I hesitate to cast the first stone, but this is just ridiculous!  I'm sure the errors and irritating style are part of a marketing plan to gather clicks and views.

Naturally I succumbed and posted a version with my corrections!

Do not disturb me while I am gluing!!  I may growl or even bite!

I even posted a sign to that effect!

I put up a little display of the story teller.  Several people have actually noticed it and read the informative card!

Well, that is about it for this week.  Stay warm!

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