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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday 4:10

I was going to submit this to /r/mildlyinteresting but it was just too mildly.

Turn out the "6:41" machine was set to a different time zone.

Back in the 70s I bought me one of these knives.

A few months ago I noticed a LOT of corrosion on the sheath, and THEN I noticed a pit in the blade!

Corroded snap. and this is AFTER I cleaned it up.  The belt holder-oner was corroded, too.

Yesterday I was reading about these knives and found out that one is NOT supposed to store them in the sheath.  The acidic leather will cause pits in the knife.  Great.  I saw where one fellow was selling a knife just like mine, but in with no pits, for six hundred dollars.  I suspect mine is worth quite a bit less than that, now. I wish I could remember how much I paid for it, it couldn't have been that much, I was just a lowly airman.

The eye doctor went well today, nothing new to report.

I got a letter from Ford the other week saying my vehicle is being recalled for airbags.  Please call the dealer.  So last night I dug out the letter and found there were TWO letters in there.  What gooses they, I thought, so like Ford.  So I called today and found out there are TWO recalls, as the man said, one for the driver's side, and one for the passenger's side.  Hence the TWO letters.  I neglected to notice the word driver on one letter, and passenger on the other.  Not unlike those rock piles I keep not noticing while geocaching, I guess.  Anyway, the upshot is that they don't have the parts in for the driver's side, yet, but they do for the passenger's side.  So I'm scheduled to get the passenger side down next week, and maybe the driver's side parts will be in by then.  I hope so, I don't much want to die being punctured by the airbag shrapnel, as the letter warned.  As I said to the service writer, I hope it's at least quick if it happens!

That is about all I got today.  Happy Wednesday tomorrow!

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